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  • And That’s the Way I See It! Vol. 2

    Dr. Klaus reflect on critical issues that have emerged over the last sixteen years.

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    And That’s the Way I See It! Vol. 2
  • 2015 AGTS Commencement

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    2015 AGTS Commencement

The words passive and leadership cannot be used in the same sentence. Twenty-first century leaders gravitate to desperate need and global vision. As president at AGTS I'm committed to a seminary where students are lead to humbly serve and confidently trust the Spirit's empowerment–Dr. Byron Klaus

For over 30 years, my ministry has focused on teaching the Bible, training leaders for ministry and advocating for the poor in the most desperate places on earth. As president of AGTS, I joyfully serve an effort that is replicating this passion on emerging leaders who will far surpass my effectiveness in these areas of ministry.–Dr. Byron Klaus